My name is Mrinal Sur 👋

I am an automotive professional with diversified experience. This is an experiment to keep myself updated and connected with the latest sphere of technology. I believe, my presence will add value to your requirement.

This is a perfect medium to stay connected to you as well, ...anytime ...anywhere.

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Mrinal Sur

Some stuff I've written

Two Years of GSTJuly 31, 2019

Simplified and friendly slab of tax GST is presently applicable on every product except Petro…
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GST made transporting more efficientJanuary 17, 2019

Impact of Goods and Service Tax on transportation industry Trucking got better with GST Truck…
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What is GST - Explained [Basics of why GST, What is GST]January 02, 2019

Global practice. Almost 80% of total countries in the world run their taxation with GST system. It…
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